Environmental Protection and Security Policy

Environmental Protection and Security Policy

At Weilburger, environmental protection plays a central role in our company philosophy.

We are dedicated to optimizing our environmental performance.
This is achieved through:

  • constant improvement of our environmental management system
  • safe and secure activities along our process chain under the inclusion of life cycle considerations
  • continuous research and development resulting in the production of safe products
  • implementation of production and distribution of products and services, ensuring sustainable resource conservation, the occupational safety of our employees and avoiding any negative impact on the environment
  • compliance with applicable laws, ordinances, policies, directives and other binding obligations
  • maintaining transparency and an open dialogue with stakeholders, local residents and the authorities
In addition, Weilburger sees itself as a multiplier:
  • providing expert advice to customers in the selection of suitable systems and products to reduce emissions and use resources efficiently and sustainably
  • realizing and maintaining environmentally friendly product standards
  • ensuring that there are no negative effects on people, the environment and products through the application, process and use of our products
  • upholding environmental standards throughout the process chain starting with our suppliers to our service providers and finally with our customers.

Our employees are trained to understand that their individual actions influence the environment. This level of awareness has resulted in employees who strongly identify with Weilburger’s environmental protection philosophy and a personal commitment to protecting the environment.

Environmental Management System

Weilburger is constantly engaged in the research and development of solutions capable of managing and reducing the environmental impact of the activities and processes we carry out, and of the products we manufacture.

Consistently with the Quality, Environment, & Safety Policy adopted by the Group, Weilburger Italia applies an Environmental Management System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.