Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This code defines the principles of Weilburger. Each person should take account of them in their daily work.  At the same time the code is also a basic principle for our suppliers with regard to their responsibility for mankind and the environment.

Abiding by the laws and regulations current at any time.

Corruption and granting undue advantage will not be permitted. An illegal bequest of any kind with the aim of gaining orders or unfair advantage will not be tolerated.

Maintaining an appreciation of colleagues, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexuality in addition to a ban on discrimination for any of these reasons.

Respect for personal rights

Safe-guarding a fair wage and the guarantee of a legal or standard minimum wage.

Adherence to the statutory maximum working hours.

No employees will be employed who aren’t at least 15 years old unless the local statutory provisions set a higher age limit and provided no exceptions are allowe

Ensuring health and safety at work, in particular the guarantee of a working environment that promotes health and safety in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

Conformance to the regulations and international standards of environmental protection as well as responsible handling of natural resources.

Open and dialogue orientated communication of this Code of Conduct and its implementation with employees, customers, suppliers and other groups.